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cn b54f55cff1 md: add backtick support (port)
This takes md.jsf from JOE 4.4 and applies 6b2a3be746 ontop.
4 years ago
cn e165ff2024 Update for JOE 4.4
- remove syntax files merged by upstream
- use ftyperc from JOE 4.4, add new syntax files
6 years ago
cn 19cccbd6fc markdown: add link and rule highlight 9 years ago
cn 7d47af3ed6 markdown: add proper highlighting for some headers, code and quote blocks 9 years ago
cn 7a2560c662 markdown: end if we reach newline during bold 9 years ago
Jonas Rosling 685fcbb268 improved the md a bit 11 years ago
Christian Nicolai e0304b565a Updated HowItWorks 12 years ago
Christian Nicolai 81411e1446 Updated HowItWorks 12 years ago
Christian Nicolai fe6271c08a Corrected tabs - using tab size 8 12 years ago
Christian Nicolai b657c3c74b Added jsf for Markdown
And by the way: plain text should be augmented!
12 years ago