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# JOE syntax highlight file for Ruby
# Oh No! It's another perl!
# <<EOF1, <<EOF2 is not working. Only EOF1 is seen. It should wait for the
# EOF2.
=Comment green
=CommentLabel bold green
=POD green
=Constant cyan
=Escape bold cyan
=Type bold
=Keyword bold
=Bad bold red
=Var yellow
=Brace magenta
=Symbol red
=SymbolEscape bold red
=ProcArg #yellow
=ClassMember fg_310 # brown
=GlobalVar yellow
=ClassDecl bold blue
# Detect pod
:pre_idle Idle
* NULL noeat call=.ruby()
.subr ruby
:idle Idle
* rest noeat
"=" pod_start
# Rest of line
:rest Idle
* rest
"#" line_comment recolor=-1
.ifdef haml
"\n" NULL return
"\n" idle
"{}" brace recolor=-1
"0" first_digit recolor=-1
"1-9" decimal recolor=-1
"." ident_no_kw
"\"" string recolor=-1
"'" char recolor=-1
"`" backtick recolor=-1
"/" regex recolor=-1
"<" maybe_inc
"$" not_string buffer
"%" pstring
"a-zA-Z_" ident buffer
# higher level, ruby specific
":" maybe_symbol
# "|" proc_arg
"@" class_member1
# / / regex not allowed after terms
:after_term Idle
* rest noeat
" \t)" after_term
.ifdef erb
"/" rest
"%" after_term_erb_end
"/%" rest
:after_term_erb_end Idle
* rest noeat
">" NULL recolor=-2 return
:pod_start Idle
* pod_start
"\n" pod_block
:pod_block POD
* pod_block
"=" pod_ident buffer
:pod_ident POD
* pod_block noeat strings
"=end" rest
"a-zA-Z0-9_" pod_ident
:maybe_inc Idle
* after_term noeat
"<" maybe_inc1
:maybe_inc1 Idle
* after_term noeat
"-" allow_space
"'\"" quoted_inc_start save_c recolor=-1
"A-Za-z_" inc buffer noeat
:allow_space Idle
* after_term noeat
"'\"" quoted_inc_start_allow save_c recolor=-1
"A-Za-z_" inc_allow buffer noeat
:quoted_inc_start Var
* quoted_inc buffer
:quoted_inc_start_allow Var
* quoted_inc_allow buffer
:quoted_inc Var
* quoted_inc
& skipline save_s
:quoted_inc_allow Var
* quoted_inc_allow
& skipline_allow save_s
:inc Var
* skipline save_s noeat
"A-Za-z0-9_" inc
:inc_allow Var
* skipline_allow save_s noeat
"A-Za-z0-9_" inc_allow
# Should be treated as a normal line here...
:skipline Idle
* skipline
"\n" next_line
:skipline_allow Idle
* skipline_allow
"\n" next_line_allow
:todelim Constant
* todelim
"\n" next_line strings
"&" founddelim
:todelim_allow Constant
* todelim_allow
"\n" next_line_allow strings
"&" founddelim
# eat \n so it's not in string.
:next_line Constant
* todelim buffer
"\n" next_line
:next_line_allow Constant
* todelim_allow buffer
" \t\n" next_line_allow
:founddelim Var
* idle noeat
:regex Constant
* regex
"\\" regex_quote recolor=-1
"/" after_term
:regex_quote Escape
* regex
:not_string Idle
* rest noeat
"a-zA-Z0-9_" global_var recolor=-2
"\"'`#/" rest
:brace Brace
* rest noeat
:line_comment Comment
* line_comment
.ifdef erb
"%" line_comment_maybe_erb_end
# might be TODO label
"BFHNTX" line_comment noeat call=.comment_todo()
.ifdef haml
"\n" NULL return
"\n" idle
:line_comment_maybe_erb_end Comment
">" NULL recolor=-2 return
:end_of_file_comment Comment
* end_of_file_comment
:first_digit Constant
* after_term noeat
"x" hex
"b" binary
"." float
"eE" epart
"0-7" octal
"89" bad_number recolor=-1
:bad_number Bad
* after_term noeat
"0-9" bad_number
:octal Constant
* after_term noeat
"0-7_" octal
"89" bad_number recolor=-1
:binary Constant
* after_term noeat
"01_" binary
"2-9" bad_number recolor=-1
:hex Constant
* after_term noeat
"0-9A-Fa-f_" hex
:decimal Constant
* after_term noeat
"0-9_" decimal
"eE" epart
"." float
:float Constant
* after_term noeat
"eE" epart
"0-9_" float
:epart Constant
* after_term noeat
"0-9+\-" enum
:enum Constant
* after_term noeat
"0-9_" enum
:string Constant
* string
"\"" after_term
"\\" string_escape recolor=-1
"#" maybe_string_subst recolor=-1
:maybe_string_subst Constant
* string noeat
"{" string_subst recolor=-2
:string_subst Escape
* string_subst
"}" string
:string_escape Escape
* string
"x" string_hex1
"c" string_ctrl
"N" string_named
"0-7" string_octal2
"\n" string recolor=-2
:string_named Escape
* string
"{" string_named_rest
:string_named_rest Escape
* string_named_rest
"}" string
:string_ctrl Escape
* string
:string_hex1 Escape
* string noeat
"{" string_unicode
"0-9a-fA-F" string_hex2
:string_unicode Escape
* string_unicode
"}" string
:string_hex2 Escape
* string noeat
"0-9a-fA-F" string
:string_octal2 Escape
* string noeat
"0-7" string_octal3
:string_octal3 Escape
* string noeat
"0-7" string
# Only \\ and \' allowed in single quoted strings
:char Constant
* char
"\n" reset
"'" after_term
"\\" char_escape recolor=-1
:char_escape Escape
* char recolor=-2
"\\'" char
:backtick Constant
* backtick
"`" after_term
"\\" backtick_escape recolor=-1
"$@" backtick_subst recolor=-1
:backtick_subst Escape
* backtick noeat recolor=-1
"a-zA-Z_0-9" backtick_subst
:backtick_escape Escape
* backtick
"x" backtick_hex1
"c" backtick_ctrl
"N" backtick_named
"0-7" backtick_octal2
"\n" backtick recolor=-2
:backtick_named Escape
* backtick
"{" backtick_named_rest
:backtick_named_rest Escape
* backtick_named_rest
"}" backtick
:backtick_ctrl Escape
* backtick
:backtick_hex1 Escape
* backtick noeat
"{" backtick_unicode
"0-9a-fA-F" backtick_hex2
:backtick_unicode Escape
* backtick_unicode
"}" backtick
:backtick_hex2 Escape
* backtick noeat
"0-9a-fA-F" backtick
:backtick_octal2 Escape
* backtick noeat
"0-7" backtick_octal3
:backtick_octal3 Escape
* backtick noeat
"0-7" backtick
:ident_no_kw Idle
* after_term noeat
"0" first_digit recolor=-1
"1-9" decimal recolor=-1
"a-zA-Z_" ident_no_kw1
:ident_no_kw1 Idle
* after_term noeat
"a-zA-Z0-9_?!" ident_no_kw1
:ident Idle
* after_term noeat strings
"BEGIN" kw
"END" kw
"alias" kw
"and" kw
"begin" kw
"break" kw
"case" kw
"catch" kw
"class" kw_class
"def" kw
"defined" kw
"do" kw
"else" kw
"elsif" kw
"end" kw
"ensure" kw
"fail" kw
"false" kw
"for" kw
"if" kw
"in" kw
"lambda" kw
"module" kw
"next" kw
"nil" kw
"not" kw
"or" kw
"private" kw
"proc" kw
"protected" kw
"public" kw
"raise" kw
"redo" kw
"rescue" kw
"retry" kw
"return" kw
"self" kw
"super" kw
"then" kw
"throw" kw
"true" kw
"undef" kw
"unless" kw
"until" kw
"when" kw
"while" kw
"yield" kw
# quasi-keywords (Module or Kernel methods)
"require" kw
"autoload" kw
"extend" kw
"include" kw
"puts" kw
"exit" kw
"attr_accessor" kw
"attr_reader" kw
"attr_writer" kw
"module_function" kw
# allowing ?! is not nearly correct but fixes more than
# it destructs
"a-zA-Z0-9_?!" ident
:kw Keyword
* rest noeat
:kw_class Keyword
* rest noeat
" \t\n" kw_class_space
:kw_class_space Idle
* rest noeat
# first char should be uppercase letter
"a-zA-Z_" kw_class_decl noeat
" \t\n" kw_class_space
:kw_class_decl ClassDecl
* rest noeat
"a-zA-Z0-9_" kw_class_decl
:pstring Idle
* match noeat
" \t" after_term noeat
"xrqQwW" match
.ifdef erb
">" NULL recolor=-2 return
:match Idle
* inmatch save_c recolor=-1
" \t" match
:inmatch Constant
* inmatch
& after_term
"\\" inmatch_quote recolor=-1
:inmatch_quote Escape
* inmatch
:subst Idle
* insubst save_c recolor=-1
"<([{`" delim_insubst save_c recolor=-1
" \t" subst
:insubst Constant
* insubst
& inrepl
"\\" insubst_quote recolor=-1
:insubst_quote Escape
* insubst
:inrepl Constant
* inrepl
& after_term
"\\" inrepl_quote
:inrepl_quote Escape
* inrepl
:delim_insubst Constant
* delim_insubst
& delim_repl
"\\" delim_quote
:delim_quote Escape
* delim_insubst
:delim_repl Constant
* repl save_c recolor=-1
" \t" delim_repl
:repl Constant
* repl
& after_term
"\\" repl_quote
:repl_quote Escape
* repl
:maybe_symbol Idle
* rest noeat
# prevent wrong Module::Member detection
":" rest
# first char mustn't be 0-9
"a-zA-Z_" symbol recolor=-2
"\"" symbol_str recolor=-2
"'" symbol_str_sq recolor=-2
:symbol Symbol
* rest noeat
"a-zA-Z0-9_?!" symbol
:symbol_str Symbol
* symbol_str
"\"" after_term
"#" symbol_maybe_str_subst recolor=-1
:symbol_maybe_str_subst Symbol
* symbol_str
"{" symbol_str_subst recolor=-2
:symbol_str_subst SymbolEscape
* symbol_str_subst
"}" symbol_str
:symbol_str_sq Symbol
* symbol_str_sq
"'" after_term
:proc_arg ProcArg
* rest noeat
"," proc_arg_sep noeat
"a-zA-Z_" proc_arg
:proc_arg_sep Idle
* proc_arg
:class_member1 Idle
* rest noeat
"a-zA-Z_" class_member recolor=-2
"@" class_member2
:class_member2 ClassMember
* rest noeat
"a-zA-Z_" class_member recolor=-3
:class_member ClassMember
* rest noeat
"a-zA-Z0-9_" class_member
:global_var GlobalVar
* rest noeat
"a-zA-Z0-9_" global_var
.subr comment_todo
# initial state
:comment_todo_init Comment
* comment_todo_guess buffer
# highlight common TODO labels
:comment_todo_guess Comment
* comment_todo_unknown noeat strings
"BUG" comment_todo
"FIXME" comment_todo
"HACK" comment_todo
"NOTE" comment_todo
"TODO" comment_todo
"XXX" comment_todo
"A-Z" comment_todo_guess
:comment_todo_unknown Comment
* NULL noeat return
:comment_todo CommentLabel
* NULL noeat return