25 Commits (v0.1.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
cn 1addfc0bc3 module: ignore golang.org/x/net in renovate, align commit message 3 years ago
renovate[bot] 89ed89f966 module: update github.com/muka/go-bluetooth commit hash to a5ba83c 3 years ago
renovate[bot] ed4299be9c module: update golang.org/x/net commit hash to 915654e 3 years ago
renovate[bot] ab71d3c904 module: update golang.org/x/net commit hash to 1a61f44 3 years ago
renovate[bot] 924ec7505c module: update module stretchr/testify to v1.3.0 3 years ago
renovate[bot] 8d4f43d7ac module: update module sirupsen/logrus to v1.3.0 3 years ago
renovate[bot] ad37e36b58 module: update module pkg/errors to v0.8.1 3 years ago
cn 72dfaa8ed2 miflorad: add support for influx MQTT message format in addition to graphite 3 years ago
cn 0cd41a924d common: fix typo in test 3 years ago
cn c2be27f2d8 miflorad: introduce metric struct to separate metrics collection and formatting 3 years ago
cn dbb1dccc77 module: fix Makefile target names 3 years ago
cn 1ac4c23696 module: enable PIE and RELRO binary protections in go build 3 years ago
cn 327712a9c3 miflorad: add MQTT sending via paho 3 years ago
cn 5be4ac1a6c miflorad: add version 3 years ago
cn 5be425040d common: remove unneeded ble.Profile parameter from ble impl 3 years ago
cn f7f951e2a1 miflorad: add draft daemon implementation, no network submission yet 3 years ago
cn c66b3d2f75 munin-miflora: refactor helper into common, add RSSI and timing metrics 3 years ago
cn 3b4627f988 module: disable cgo for easier cross-compiling 3 years ago
cn 4c348f2044 munin-miflora: enrich underlying library errors with current operation using wrapping 3 years ago
cn c96878c22c module: add tests for common package 3 years ago
cn e75c04785a munin-miflora: refactor into two implementations using go-ble and gatt libraries, have common package 3 years ago
renovate[bot] 51bb5a93c5 module: setup renovate 3 years ago
cn d419347dd3 module: setup Travis CI 3 years ago
cn 2a0e220b8e module: setup project structure, document and add utilities 3 years ago
Jan Graichen c1c348db75 WIP 4 years ago