A small, lightweight and extensible DynDNS server written with Ruby and Rack.
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  1. # frozen_string_literal: true
  2. require 'bundler/gem_tasks'
  3. require 'rspec/core/rake_task'
  4. require 'rubocop/rake_task'
  5. require 'bundler/audit/task'
  6. RSpec::Core::RakeTask.new(:spec)
  7. RuboCop::RakeTask.new
  8. Bundler::Audit::Task.new
  9. desc 'Should be run by developer once to prepare initial solargraph usage (fill caches etc.)'
  10. task :'solargraph:init' do
  11. sh 'solargraph download-core'
  12. end
  13. desc 'Run experimental solargraph type checker'
  14. task :'solargraph:tc' do
  15. sh 'solargraph typecheck'
  16. end
  17. task default: [:rubocop, :spec, 'bundle:audit']
  18. task travis: [:default, :'solargraph:tc']