Munin plugin for mumble
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8
# - "murmur stats (User/Bans/Uptime/Channels)" script for munin.
# Copyright (c) 2012, Natenom /
import os
# Path to
iceslice = os.environ.get('iceslice', '/usr/share/slice/')
# Includepath for Ice, this is default for Debian
iceincludepath = os.environ.get('iceincludepath', '/usr/share/Ice/slice')
# Murmur-Port (not needed to work, only for display purposes)
serverport = int(os.environ.get('serverport', '64738'))
# Port where ice listen
iceport = int(os.environ.get('iceport', '6502'))
# Ice Password to get read access.
# If there is no such var in your murmur.ini, this can have any value.
# You can use the values of icesecret, icesecretread or icesecretwrite in your murmur.ini
icesecret = os.environ.get('icesecret', 'secureme')
# MessageSizeMax; increase this value, if you get a MemoryLimitException.
# Also check this value in murmur.ini of your Mumble-Server.
# This value is being interpreted in kibiBytes.
messagesizemax = os.environ.get('messagesizemax', '65535')
import Ice, sys
Ice.loadSlice("--all -I%s %s" % (iceincludepath, iceslice))
props = Ice.createProperties([])
props.setProperty("Ice.MessageSizeMax", str(messagesizemax))
props.setProperty("Ice.ImplicitContext", "Shared")
id = Ice.InitializationData() = props
ice = Ice.initialize(id)
ice.getImplicitContext().put("secret", icesecret)
import Murmur
if (sys.argv[1:]):
if (sys.argv[1] == "config"):
print 'graph_title Murmur (Port %s)' % (serverport)
print 'graph_vlabel Count'
print 'users.label Users (All)'
print 'usersauth.label Users (Authenticated)'
print 'usersnotauth.label Users (Not authenticated)'
print 'uptime.label Uptime in days'
print 'channelcount.label Number of channels'
print 'bancount.label Number of bans'
meta = Murmur.MetaPrx.checkedCast(ice.stringToProxy("Meta:tcp -h -p %s" % (iceport)))
server = meta.getServer(1)
except Murmur.InvalidSecretException:
print 'Given icesecret password is wrong.'
# count users
usersnotauth = 0
usersauth = 0
users = server.getUsers()
for key in users.keys():
if (users[key].userid == -1):
usersnotauth += 1
usersauth += 1
print "users.value %i" % (len(users))
print "usersauth.value %i" % (usersauth)
print "usersnotauth.value %i" % (usersnotauth)
print "uptime.value %.2f" % (float(meta.getUptime())/60/60/24)
print "channelcount.value %i" % (len(server.getChannels()))
print "bancount.value %i" % (len(server.getBans()))