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cn 085f75c6dd docs: fix grammar 4 days ago
cn fb42c57ff1 ci: drop Travis CI 4 months ago
cn dc325d686e ci: use Github Actions in parallel to Travis CI 5 months ago
cn 19683672d1 docs: use travis-ci.com links 6 months ago
cn 4833328557 docs: improve docker run instructions 8 months ago
cn 617fbf538b docker: add image release on tag and periodic vulnerability scan 8 months ago
cn a89a263250 docs: add example Dockerfile 9 months ago
cn 3a9c2d65fb updater: add zone_transfer_server updater 9 months ago
cn 8976ff5bbe dyndnsd: allow enabling debug logging 9 months ago
Sam Umbach cb3977b553
docs: fix minor typos in README 1 year ago
cn a01276c348 monitoring: add textfile reporter to write Graphite-style metrics into file 3 years ago
cn 3a426f75a2 docs: add link to older version 1.x 3 years ago
cn 8d4e96a1dd tracing: add opentracing for rack and dyndnsd with configurable jaeger-client support and spanmanager 3 years ago
cn fc7a1cabd3 gem: fix license name to standard, explicitly set required ruby version 3 years ago
cn 750f51d911 docs: update README and add CHANGELOG 3 years ago
cn 16af27ae52 docs: fix API docs link at dyn.com 3 years ago
cn 4894015325 Add "myip6" URL parameter to provide an IPv6 address in addition to an IPv4 one as "myip" 4 years ago
cn f76c5933d7 Allow dyndnsd to use address from X-Real-IP 4 years ago
cn a221fcc506 Update README 8 years ago
cn b14da0df09 Update README 8 years ago
cn 1073312110 Support dropping priviliges 8 years ago
cn 7f593227f2 Need json 8 years ago
cn 0cc1567ade Add init.d script 8 years ago
cn 4de47397c4 Update README 8 years ago
cn 015757542b Update README 8 years ago
cn b5481efdcb Fix tests 8 years ago
cn 755a448174 Fiat lux 8 years ago