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cn 72c4c94cb7 module: bump minimum Go version to 1.18 and use debug.ReadBuildInfo() 1 year ago
cn 5508b0dff3 miflorad: fix some linter errors 2 years ago
cn 143dc374cf miflorad: check meta data incl battery level every hour instead daily
- the battery voltage level seems to have more flexibility than one change a day
- short drops announcing end of battery life could go unnoticed
4 years ago
cn d241c8c6be miflorad: shorten process termination timeout by listening for quit on every retry 4 years ago
cn 4531a05af3 miflorad: improve logging to show peripheral connect retries 4 years ago
cn befef9d063 module: change assert.Equal arguments to match (expected, actual) 4 years ago
cn 72dfaa8ed2 miflorad: add support for influx MQTT message format in addition to graphite 4 years ago
cn c2be27f2d8 miflorad: introduce metric struct to separate metrics collection and formatting 4 years ago
cn 327712a9c3 miflorad: add MQTT sending via paho 4 years ago
cn 5be4ac1a6c miflorad: add version 4 years ago
cn 5be425040d common: remove unneeded ble.Profile parameter from ble impl 4 years ago
cn f7f951e2a1 miflorad: add draft daemon implementation, no network submission yet 4 years ago
cn c66b3d2f75 munin-miflora: refactor helper into common, add RSSI and timing metrics 4 years ago
cn 4c348f2044 munin-miflora: enrich underlying library errors with current operation using wrapping 4 years ago
cn e75c04785a munin-miflora: refactor into two implementations using go-ble and gatt libraries, have common package 4 years ago
cn 2a0e220b8e module: setup project structure, document and add utilities 4 years ago