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A Python library for accessing the BME280 combined humidity and pressure from Bosch via python-smbus using the I2C interface.

Default settings are suitable for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 and was successfully tested using a breakout.

I created this Python library in style of e.g. python-veml6070 or python-tsl2591 since I found only python scripts with limited functionality and minor bugs and the official driver from Bosch is only in C(++).

Although, it is heavily based on existing code from Bosch translated to Python and from SWITCHSCIENCE.


Consult the data sheet and see for clues how to use this library.

Not all functions of the chip are supported since I focused on the forced mode but data readout and parameter setting should work in normal mode, too. Please send pull requests for improvements and bug fixes!


Run make help to find out about the available development commands.


Python files in this repository are released under the MIT license except those parts from other sources which are indicated where appropriate in the files.