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# JOE syntax highlight file for Prolog
=Comment green
=Constant cyan
=Escape bold cyan
=Keyword bold
=Bad bold red
=Brace #magenta
=Variable fg_310
=Predicate red
:idle Idle
* idle
"\n" idle
"%" line_comment recolor=-1
"/" maybe_comment
"0-9" first_digit recolor=-1
"'" string_sq_1 recolor=-1
"\"" string_dq_1 recolor=-1
# marking -> predicate hilite
# buffering -> keyword hilite
"a-z" atom mark buffer
"A-Z" variable recolor=-1
"_" _variable
"[]" brace recolor=-1
:line_comment Comment
* line_comment
"\n" idle
:maybe_comment Idle
* idle noeat
"*" comment recolor=-2
:comment Comment
* comment
"*" maybe_end_comment
:maybe_end_comment Comment
* comment
"/" idle
"*" maybe_end_comment
:brace Brace
* idle noeat
:string_sq_1 Constant
* string_sq noeat
:string_sq Constant
* string_sq
"\'" idle
"\\" string_sq_esc recolor=-1
:string_sq_esc Escape
* string_sq
"\n" string_sq recolor=-2
:string_dq_1 Constant
* string_dq noeat
:string_dq Constant
* string_dq
"\"" idle
"\\" string_dq_esc recolor=-1
:string_dq_esc Escape
* string_dq
"\n" string_dq recolor=-2
:first_digit Constant
* idle noeat
# no float support
# "." float
"0-9" first_number
:first_number Constant
* idle noeat
"0-9" first_number
"." float
:float Constant
* idle noeat
"eE" epart
"0-9" float
:epart Constant
* idle noeat
"0-9+\-" enum
:enum Constant
* idle noeat
"0-9" enum
# list of keywords includes some predicates...
:atom Idle
* atom_end noeat markend strings
"append" kw
"atom" kw
"atomic" kw
"call" kw
"catch" kw
"clause" kw
"close" kw
"fail" kw
"findall" kw
"float" kw
"halt" kw
"integer" kw
"is" kw
"member" kw
"nl" kw
"nonvar" kw
"number" kw
"once" kw
"op" kw
"open" kw
"read" kw
"repeat" kw
"throw" kw
"true" kw
"var" kw
"write" kw
"a-zA-Z0-9_" atom
:kw Keyword
* idle noeat
:atom_end Idle
* idle noeat
" " atom_end
"(" pred_end recolormark
":" maybe_pred_end
:pred_end Predicate
* idle noeat
:maybe_pred_end Idle
* idle noeat
"-" pred_end recolormark
:variable Variable
* idle noeat
"a-zA-Z0-9_" variable
:_variable Idle
* idle noeat
# if it's not only _, color it
"a-zA-Z0-9_" variable recolor=-2