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# JOE syntax highlight file for properties files
=Comment green
=Constant cyan
=Escape bold cyan
=Bad bold red
=KeyEscape bold
=Separator bold
:line_start Idle
* key noeat
"\n" line_start
" \t\r" line_start # leading spaces
"#!" line_comment recolor=-1
"=:" missing_key recolor=-1
:line_comment Comment
* line_comment
"\n" line_start
:missing_key Bad
* value_pre noeat
:key Key
* key
"\\" key_esc recolor=-1
" \t\r" key_post noeat
"=:" sep recolor=-1
"\n" key_error recolor=-2
# one escaped char
:key_esc KeyEscape
* key
"\n" key_error recolor=-2
:key_post Idle
* value_pre noeat
" \t\r" key_post
"=:" sep recolor=-1
:key_error Bad
* key noeat
:sep Separator
* value_pre noeat
:value_pre Idle
* value noeat
" \t\r" value_pre
:value Constant
* value
"\\" value_esc recolor=-1
"\n" line_start
:value_esc Escape
* value_error recolor=-2
"u" value_unicode_hex1
"\n" value_cont
:value_unicode_hex1 Escape
* value_error recolor=-3
"A-Fa-f0-9" value_unicode_hex2
:value_unicode_hex2 Escape
* value_error recolor=-4
"A-Fa-f0-9" value_unicode_hex3
:value_unicode_hex3 Escape
* value_error recolor=-5
"A-Fa-f0-9" value_unicode_hex4
:value_unicode_hex4 Escape
* value_error recolor=-6
"A-Fa-f0-9" value
:value_cont Constant
* value
" \t\r" value_cont # leading spaces
:value_error Bad
* value noeat