20 Commits (master)

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  cn c0a38af087 Prepare 1.1.3 release 2 years ago
  cn 5d647fd842 package: add keywords 2 years ago
  Christian Nicolai 9e977f7abb Prepare 1.1.2 release 2 years ago
  Christian Nicolai da21bc01cc grammar: try to detect regex values to avoid weird highlighting 2 years ago
  cn 78ea23f555 Prepare 1.1.1 release 2 years ago
  cn 3360373cb6 docs: add installation instructions and screenshot 2 years ago
  cn 3c271eeed6 Prepare 1.1.0 release 2 years ago
  cn 459fea5baa docs: fix typo 2 years ago
  cn cbdeef4bba grammar: add (double quoted) string interpolations #{test} using Ruby 2 years ago
  cn 1d286163c9 grammar: support highlighting ${variables} for e.g. record_transformer 2 years ago
  cn 8396584552 grammar: support some flavors of value types like array/hash (using JSON source), integer etc 2 years ago
  cn ee37db2d42 grammar: add support for escape sequenes in single, double and unquoted strings 2 years ago
  cn f2d50423de grammar: add single and double quoted strings 2 years ago
  cn 0b972b731f grammar: refactor global patterns into modular repository structure (comments, directives, parameters and values) 2 years ago
  cn 0de289b882 settings: support toggling comments 2 years ago
  cn 08ee38e700 docs: improve example again with more exotic features 2 years ago
  cn 3e2a3f0cd0 grammar: support folding markers 2 years ago
  cn 813fde30c0 docs: change syntax name, add example 2 years ago
  cn b60e1034bc Prepare 1.0.0 release 2 years ago
  Christian Nicolai 97a5ac7e6d Fiat lux 2 years ago