Munin graphs for TEMPer USB Thermometer
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3 years ago Compensate periodic USB disconnects of TEMPer 8 years ago
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Creates Munin graphs from the data delivered from an attached TEMPer USB Thermometer. For data collection the pcsensor utility is needed (by default it resides in /usr/local/bin/), it can be obtained in source or binary form from different places like here. Script was tested with pcsensor version 1.0.1.

"USB disconnect, device number X"

If you are querying your TEMPerV1.4 device periodically every 5 minutes (I assume), it disconnects from USB bus every 85 minutes (or every ~17 queries) and is instantly reconnected and detected by the kernel. This script compensates this by a retry after a second after a failed invocation of pcsensor.


Clone this repository or download the pcsensor file and create a symlink as root in /etc/munin/plugins by using e.g.:

cd /etc/munin/plugins; ln -s /path/to/pcsensor

Don't forget to restart your munin-node deamon.