161 Commits (0de5078d9d0db5a4fb011c14200c70e53120d0bb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
cn 0de5078d9d ci: add Dockerfile linting 8 months ago
depfu[bot] 72c8dda7dd
gems: update jaeger-client to version 1.1.0 8 months ago
cn e36b210f66 ci: update github actions versions 8 months ago
cn fcc3f12284 ci: fix vulnscan behavior to scan most-recent semver 8 months ago
cn bf68049260 release: 3.1.0 8 months ago
cn 35ced6468e ci: allow manual run of vulnscan action workflow 8 months ago
cn 4833328557 docs: improve docker run instructions 8 months ago
cn 25e70f484d release: 3.1.0.rc1 8 months ago
cn 617fbf538b docker: add image release on tag and periodic vulnerability scan 8 months ago
cn 5cce42f4c7 gem: fix solargraph warnings on CI 8 months ago
cn 093efc77ef gem: add editorconfig 8 months ago
depfu[bot] 2368099f7d
gems: upgrade jaeger-client to version 1.0.0 8 months ago
depfu[bot] 708cd13237
gems: update rubocop to version 0.89.0 9 months ago
cn a89a263250 docs: add example Dockerfile 9 months ago
cn af102f23ec release: 3.0.0 9 months ago
depfu[bot] 950c985ad1
gems: update rubocop to version 0.88.0 9 months ago
cn b2d9b7745f gem: bump minimum required Ruby version to Ruby 2.5 9 months ago
cn 09aa2b127c release: 2.3.1 9 months ago
cn 618b2c823d dyndnsd: remove noisy message by not redundantly logging on shutdown 9 months ago
cn ae62744cc9 release: 2.3.0 9 months ago
cn 3a9c2d65fb updater: add zone_transfer_server updater 9 months ago
cn 8976ff5bbe dyndnsd: allow enabling debug logging 9 months ago
cn 0c4c38cc6b dyndnsd: allow updater to see if database changed 9 months ago
cn 0cec44893d updater: improve parameter name 9 months ago
depfu[bot] 33b8325a92
gems: update bundler-audit to version 10 months ago
depfu[bot] 186c79814f
gems: update rubocop to version 0.81.0 1 year ago
Sam Umbach cb3977b553
docs: fix minor typos in README 1 year ago
cn c112b211a0 release: 2.2.0 1 year ago
cn b597ecb15e gem: adopt frozen string literals 1 year ago
cn c73c09f311 gem: refactor gemspec, exclude tests from gem, move binaries to ./exe 1 year ago
cn 88133edc1a gems: fix order, drop unnecessary json dependency 1 year ago
cn 9dfafd7e8d release: 2.1.1 1 year ago
cn af5e4ca3e0 dyndnsd: handle potential nil cases detected by sorbet 1 year ago
cn 0317189057 release: 2.1.0 1 year ago
cn 73dbf2a5fa gem: add solargraph support 1 year ago
cn 6d0457d70c gems: specify bundler-audit version 1 year ago
cn 9ab080072f updater: rename parameter to match expected type 1 year ago
cn fdcd6e8da4 gem: add Ruby 2.7 support 1 year ago
cn 31be09c1c2 travis: fix build config validation problems 1 year ago
cn 3406e22588 gem: enable new rubocop rules, cleanup 1 year ago
depfu[bot] a42a864f56
gems: update rubocop to version 0.80.0 1 year ago
depfu[bot] 07fd8681e4 gems: update rubocop to version 0.79.0 1 year ago
depfu[bot] 6831744e7b gems: update rubocop to version 0.78.0 1 year ago
depfu[bot] 7d49b861fc gems: update rubocop to version 0.77.0 1 year ago
depfu[bot] 2ad816b866 gems: update rubocop to version 0.76.0 1 year ago
depfu[bot] f4f10c94c4 gems: update rubocop to version 0.75.0 2 years ago
depfu[bot] bb7302407a gems: update rubocop to version 0.74.0 2 years ago
depfu[bot] 9f132b4a7d gems: update rubocop to version 0.73.0 2 years ago
depfu[bot] 32d6d01d9d gems: update rubocop to version 0.72.0 2 years ago
depfu[bot] 9d80220d24 gems: update rubocop to version 0.71.0 2 years ago