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268 Commits (joe-3.7)

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cn afbd3aa118 misc: convert absolute links to relative ones 4 years ago
cn e8ff0299a7 misc: add contributor in README 4 years ago
Todd Lewis 6b2a3be746 md: add backtick support 4 years ago
Andrey Lisin fc320d3d45 misc: fix contributor name in README 4 years ago
Ruan Pienaar 5a6a2a2b01 erlang: use correct *.escript instead of *.esh extension 4 years ago
Ruan Pienaar 6bcceb0851 erlang: add *.esh extension 4 years ago
cn e9ca75bd63 misc: move auxillary files into subdirectory 5 years ago
Todd Lewis 13cfbdc5cd ini: enhance error handling, add support for colon comments, unicode escapes, new test file 5 years ago
cn 5c8944fc51 makefile: allow more characters in target names 5 years ago
cn 486ac0ec28 json: backport 0973806c2a/ 5 years ago
Todd Lewis 6b5cc885c9 Fix yaml comments even more! (#28) 5 years ago
cn a1f9804033 Update README 5 years ago
cn e959814c5c yaml: handle line comments in lists correctly 5 years ago
cn a0f5e7085e Add terraform keywords and .tfvars file extension 5 years ago
Todd Lewis c4d380c266 yaml: handle plain strings w/ non-initial quotes (#25) 5 years ago
cn 854a1893eb Improve makefile highlighter 5 years ago
cn 4d940dd75a Fix bug in Makefiles 6 years ago
cn edbac0309d Add terraform functions 6 years ago
cn 1c43114a71 Add draft Makefile highlighter 6 years ago
cn c1a644af8b Fix highlighting of comments not starting at beginning of line in Dockerfile 6 years ago
cn 4a2f8009f2 New highligher for Terraform 6 years ago
cn a3c24a4c8c New highligher for Dockerfile 6 years ago
cn 47a1b1a1f0 Document yaml.jsf contributions 6 years ago
Todd Lewis 8e55c1d34b Fix comment detection. (#23) 6 years ago
cn 536587cc1e scheme: highlight symbols differently 8 years ago
cn d4b0fdc63d Add scheme 8 years ago
cn e5589b1db4 Fix number parsing in json 8 years ago
cn e41af15e95 asterisk: lower the strictness on section_post content 8 years ago
cn 34bd559a6e asterisk: color substitutions and allow changing color for => separately 8 years ago
cn ed71cbcfca Add asterisk highlighter (INI style + weird additions) 8 years ago
cn f908b59be1 ini: allow comments separated by tabs after key-value pair 8 years ago
cn 0336acd237 Fix license status of JOE 8 years ago
cn 1df5416aaa Contributions documented as "GPL v2 or any later version" 8 years ago
cn cd34723d3e Fix license statements regarding later versions 8 years ago
cn ffdede2702 Mention ne in links section 8 years ago
cn 59d11234c1 GPL v2 and ISC dual-licensed json.jsf and js.jsf 8 years ago
cn 0e45772d2c Fix typo 8 years ago
cn 467ebbab8a Fix typos and ugly line breaks 8 years ago
cn 570e844d01 Oskar agreed on GPL v2 (or later) for powershell.jsf 8 years ago
Christian Nicolai c0a0dab490 Merge pull request #22 from teoric/patch-1 8 years ago
Christian Nicolai 885b52b194 Merge pull request #21 from iarna/fix-json-empty-wspace 8 years ago
teoric d24d5f18ec Mention option of local installation 8 years ago
Rebecca Turner c7ed3daa91 Fix json support to handle empty objects/arrays w/ whitespace inside 8 years ago
Christian Nicolai 2003c3b5f5 Update README 8 years ago
Christian Nicolai e1bf6214e7 Fix erlang.jsf link 8 years ago
Christian Nicolai 255766b9b5 Merge pull request #20 from avli/elixir-syntax-improvements-rc2 8 years ago
Andrew Lisin 94698a1568 Improve Elixir highlighting 8 years ago
Christian Nicolai 319a6ebeee Merge pull request #19 from avli/erlang-syntax-fix 8 years ago
cn a576b31361 Add info about elixir.jsf 8 years ago
Andrew Lisin 0e3128edd7 Fix close bracket after function arity 8 years ago