JOE (Joe's Own Editor) syntax coloring and highlighting files - improved ones
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Rebecca Turner 0cd474e7d3 Add LSL support from Zai Lynch 7 years ago
misc Add setup script for symlinking this repos contents directly form /usr/share/joe/syntax 10 years ago Updated 10 years ago Update README 8 years ago
ant.jsf Renamed antvar subroutine to maybe_antvar 10 years ago
comment_todo.part.jsf New separate template file for comment todo labels 10 years ago
css.jsf CSS: rewrite selector parser frm scratch for more modularity 10 years ago
debian.jsf New JOE highlighter for Java's .properties files 10 years ago
erb.jsf New highlighter for Ruby's ERB and HTML embedded ERB 10 years ago
erlang.jsf Itroduced handeling of Macros, function arety, keywords <- and ||, 9 years ago
ftyperc Add LSL support from Zai Lynch 7 years ago
git-commit.jsf Add simple git COMMIT_EDITMSG highlighting 7 years ago
go.jsf Added Go syntax highlight support 9 years ago
haml.jsf Haml: not every = is the start of ruby code 10 years ago
html.jsf Call js.js(php) instead of js.js(html) when using html(php) 9 years ago
htmlerb.jsf New highlighter for Ruby's ERB and HTML embedded ERB 10 years ago
ini.jsf New syntax highlighter for INI files 10 years ago
iptables.jsf Highlight module usage in iptables 8 years ago
java.jsf Move <script> Javascript highlighting from to js.js(html) 9 years ago
js.jsf Call js.js(php) instead of js.js(html) when using html(php) 9 years ago
lsl.jsf Add LSL support from Zai Lynch 7 years ago
md.jsf markdown: add link and rule highlight 8 years ago
php.jsf PHP: Fix end " or ' hilite after variable substitution 9 years ago
powershell.jsf Added powershell.jsf. 8 years ago
prolog.jsf New highlighter for Erlang 10 years ago
properties.jsf Cleaned properties.jsf up 10 years ago
puppet.jsf Allow mixed-case (camelCase) variable and class names 7 years ago
python.jsf Python: quasi-keywords and support for decorators (@annotation -> red) 10 years ago
ruby.jsf Remove load 8 years ago
sieve.jsf Add brand new highlighter for sieve email filtering language 10 years ago
tex.jsf TeX: add recognition of \verb+foo+ commands 10 years ago
whitespace.jsf Added whitespace highlighting scheme 10 years ago
xml_nest-decl.patch Added XML nested declaration patch 10 years ago
yaml.jsf yaml: fix minor bug 10 years ago

JOE Syntax Highlighting

This directory mainly contains improved and completely new JOE syntax files fixing bugs in the original files and adding support for new languages.



To enable the .jsf files in this repository they need to appear in JOEs syntax directory. This is likely to be /usr/share/joe/syntax when using Debian and APT or /usr/local/Cellar/joe/3.7/share/joe/syntax when using brew on Mac OS X. You may download the latest jsf-bundle and place it's contents into the syntax directory (Note: this bundle might be outdated compared to the repository's state).

A maybe better way to achieve this is to clone this repository somewhere onto your hard disk and establish symlinks to all jsf files in the syntax directory.

ftyperc (only needed to enable new languages)

To enable the enhanced ftyperc from this repository to gain syntax highlighting support for new languages without overwriting /etc/joe/ftyperc, you may place the modified one in ~/.joe/ as ~/.joe/ftyperc.

How JOE syntax highlighting works

See which is a reworked version of the header of c.jsf. Another good resource might be jsf.jsf.

Other Syntax Files


Every .jsf file from the original repository is under GPL2 as JOE.

Every .jsf file created by me is under GPL2 as JOE.

Files with unknown license info:

For JOE see here.
For JOE project see here.
For original JOE syntax files see here.

You can find this repository here.