Python library for the BME680 gas, temperature, humidity and pressure sensor.
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The state-of-the-art BME680 breakout lets you measure temperature, pressure, humidity, and indoor air quality.

About this Fork

In general this fork tries to improve some details of the original pimoroni/bme680-python repo:

  • use standard unit for pressure measurement (Pascal instead Hectopascal, user can convert if he likes)
  • floating point precision for measurement compensations (user has all precision available to choose based on measurement settings and datasheet how much is trustable)
  • no redundant tweaking of measurement settings after soft reset


If you want to contribute, or like living on the edge of your seat by having the latest code, you should clone this repository, cd to the library directory, and run:

sudo python3 install

(or sudo python install whichever your primary Python environment may be)

In all cases you will have to enable the i2c bus.

Documentation & Support